Why muslim men must wear palladium rings

As we know all that Muslim men are prohibited from wearing gold rings, and therefore the marriage will certainly feel confused, what should wear rings. There are actually several options, among others, wear rings silver or palladium ring. Here we will mention why Muslim men should wear a palladium ring, among others, as follows:

1. Does not contain gold

Yep exactly once, Palladium is a precious metal that contains no metal at all in gold, so insyallah lawful to wear Muslim men.

2. Not Easy Blackened

Palladium rings are not easily blackening even if manufactured in the form of a ring is usually mixed with metallic silver. In contrast to the silver itself, silver remained sensitive to acid so that if exposed to the acid can be blackened.

3. From the aspect Prices

Often the customers who come into our store complaining price far adrift if the ordered rings women rings gold and silver men, because the price of the ring for about 2.5 jt women’s and men when wearing silver rings only 200 thousands, it is very much the difference? Therefore many customers who order the palladium rings gold rings for men and for women because they are not far adrift.

Perhaps above are some reasons that are useful for consideration for his friends who want to plan a wedding in the near future.